survivors who feel empathy thrive

Survivors of Bullying Can Thrive Through Empathy and Kindness

Millions of us have been targeted by bullies, but we are survivors.

We can thrive, and we can become even stronger than we were before if we look beyond our own hurt. Others need us. We can do good in the world. We’re not broken. We are just getting started sharing our magic with others.

As long as we feel compassion, we have moved on from bullying.  If we are determined to protect others from abuse, we are ahead.

Once spontaneous acts of support and kindness become our way of life, we have beaten the bullies.

Those of us who have experienced bullying and have come out the other side with a greater capacity for showing kindness and a bottomless determination to empathize with other people are winners. We haven’t only survived bullying. We have thrived.


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