Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes

Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes’ Video: “Bullying – A Mental Health Perspective”

In her video, “Bullying – A Mental Health Perspective,” Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes provides help for those who are currently caught in the cross-hairs of bullies.

She talks about how the pandemic may be increasing bullying while it is decreasing the amount of energy and time that parents have to support their children who are being targeted by bullies.

Dr. Snipes also points out that cyber-bullying is less ephemeral than in-person bullying. What you post online stays online. Dr. Snipes provides strategies for intervention.

If someone you love is experiencing bullying, or of you are the target of bullies, know that you are not alone. Dr. Snipes can help you frame the problem and find solutions.


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