Aubrey Robinson's basketball gift

How Bullies Turned Aubrey Robinson, a Fedex Delivery Driver, Into a Hero

The Failure of Bullies

Bullies try to crush the people they target. But, usually, they fail.

Instead, their tactics often teach the people they intended to hurt just how unacceptable it is for anybody to suffer. Sometimes, bullies manage to turn ordinary people into deeply compassionate human beings. Instead of destroying their targets, bullies transform them into superheroes.

Aubrey Robinson, Superhero

That’s what the bullies in the life of Ohio FedEx driver, Aubrey Robinson, did for her.

Aubrey noticed an 11-year-old boy on her Fedex route in rural Indiana. He was playing with a rusty old basketball hoop.  During the pandemic, particularly, Aubrey wanted to bring joy into the boy’s life.  CNN reports that, because she didn’t want to intrude on the boy’s family or make a big deal of her gift, she simply installed a top-of-the-line new basketball hoop and left behind a new basketball along with a simple note. She let a few weeks pass. Then, one day, she came to the family’s door to say introduce herself.

Thank You, Aubrey Robinson, for Your Kindness!

What Aubrey couldn’t have known is that the family had been going through a rough time. Four members of the family had passed away, and the boy’s mom had wrecked her car and her boyfriend had been seriously injured. The family needed to have their faith in the Universe restored, and Aubrey’s act of kindness did that for them. Coledo Wheeler, the boy’s mom, said that the gift had changed their lives.

Just as the bullies changed Aubrey’s life…ironically, for the better. Aubrey isn’t only a Fedex driver. She’s now a hero to a young boy and to everyone who reads her story. Thank you, Aubrey, for demonstrating kindness and showing us that bullies do not have the final word!


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