GPCB Recommends: Videos to Help Combat Bullying

The United States government website, StopBullying, has free online videos that can help you talk to your kids about bullying. The videos target parents of all children, including LBGT youth and youths with disabilities.

The videos focus on bullying that takes place in middle school although, of course, bullying can happen at all grade levels (and even well beyond school).

Video offerings include:

It’s Not About Me. A soccer player looks back on the bullying he experienced in school because of his ethnicity and reflects on how he handled it.

One Good Friend. A restaurant worker was bullied when she was the new kid in school. She recalls how the support of one good friend helped her get past bullying.

To Be or Not to Be Seen. A college student , who was targeted by bullies because of her weight, joins a theater club where she experiences acceptance, friendship, and healing.

Getting Into the Game. A high-school graduate who uses a wheelchair and was bullied for it finds that joining new activities and making new friends can protect her from bullying.

Back on Track. A college student remembers being subjected to cyberbullying because of his sexual orientation. His father and the school supported him.

StopBullying provides a plethora of additional anti-bullying resources. The site should be a first stop for getting help in the United States when someone is in immediate danger due to bullying.

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