Bullies and Heroes At the Drive-Thru

Bullies and Heroes at the Drive-Thru Teach a Lesson

What turns one person into a bully and transforms another into a hero? It’s impossible to know. Take this story, for instance.

Someone at a fast food restaurant drive-thru window was unhappy that the cashier handed him a soda with ice. The customer, apparently, had requested an ice-free drink. The man threw the drink at Bryanna, who was working at the window. Bryanna (we don’t know her last name) was soaked and crying. She was also young and pregnant.

Feroza Syed’s Heroism

The next customer in line at the drive-thru was Feroza Syed, and she saw the whole thing. She felt that she had to do something to help.

Feroza handed Bryanna a $20 tip, then she followed up with an even great act of caring. The GoFundMe that Feroza organized (and shared on her Facebook page) raised $1,700.  As resourceful as she is kind, Feroza located Bryanna and gave her the money in person.

Perhaps her act of generosity will help restore Bryanna’s faith in her customers. Maybe it will also remind her that there are good people all around us.

Why We Make Our Choices

So what makes someone throw a soda at a cashier? We can’t know for sure. Maybe that person was stressed out because of financial or health problems, or maybe someone has treated him badly.

That wouldn’t justify his actions, though. Bullying is a choice. Whatever his reasons, this man chose the path of violence and cruelty.

On the other hand, how does someone such as Feroza decide to become a hero? Why does she get involved in a situation that she could easily ignore?

That, too, is difficult to understand. All we know about Feroza is that she demonstrates empathy, intelligence, and decency. Feroza, too, has made her choices. We can all be grateful that she has chosen to use her energies to lift us up. Her kindness almost balances the horrible act that inspired it.

Thank you to CNN’s Tricia Escobedo for covering this story!

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