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Bullying used to be a dirty little secret. Many of us who were targeted by bullies suffered in silence, defeat, and shame. We buried our pain, and the conspiracy of silence that left us powerless, helpless, disenfranchised, and shattered. But things are finally changing. We now know that bullying isn’t our personal shame, and it isn’t our fault. It never was.

Videos and podcasts openly discuss bullying…and they share potential strategies, tips, and advice for ending the abuse in classrooms and beyond. Most of all, these videos and podcasts provide validation and hope.

Getting Past Childhood Bullying Recommends

Here’s what GPCB is watching and listening to:

“Help! My Child Is Getting Bullied!” provides heartfelt advice from Patrick Hill, a Focus on the Family counselor. He explains why it’s so important that home is a safe space kids can count on. Respect your child’s individuality, Hill recommends. Not every child wants to learn how to throw a good punch. Some sensitive kids would prefer to learn how to make friends rather than win fights. Wise words!




Dhar Mann understands that power is ephemeral. A bully and the bully’s target can change roles someday. Our position of strength or weakness is temporary.  Our character, though, is permanent. Great video called “Bully Shames Nerd for His Shoes and Car: He Lives to Regret It” demonstrates how you can choose to deliver the “I told you so” message with empathy and kindness.



Ashley Young , Footballer for Inter

Ashley Young, who plays for Inter, appears on YouTube Kids to talk about kindness. He says bullying takes place in the world of football and other sports just as it does in the classroom. Kindness is contagious, he believes, and is the most effective way to combat bullying.

Sydney Jo Washington, Author and Entrepreneur

Sydney Jo Washington, a 12-year-old seventh grader, founded a non-profit organization called the Anti Bullying Club (ABC) to prevent bullying.  She is also the author of a new anti-bullying novel, Maylasia’s Big Move. It’s educational as well as entertaining, and it’s the first of a planned 3-book series. Thank you for being such an inspiration, Sydney Jo!